Frequently Asked Questions

Turnkey villas are planned, designed, built and fully furnished if requested upon delivery to the client. m2Casas’ in-house team sources the best building plots for sale and builds contemporary Danish designed luxury villas, whereby every aspect of the new build villa’s design, construction and subsequent snagging list has been carried out, prior to handing over the keys to a move-in ready property. When you purchase a turnkey villa from m2Casas, you can decide upon your level of involvement in the personalisation of the property until the PPC contract has been signed.

Yes, m2Casas use the latest environmentally friendly home construction methods and materials to ensure greater energy efficiency and long-lasting durable high-quality buildings. All wall, floors and roofs contain thermal insulation and are constructed using high load bearing materials which are resistant to fire, humidity and seismic movement.

m2Casas’ sister company, Marbella & Co, has extensive knowledge of the Costa del Sol and can help you find the right land plot for your turnkey villa project. We can advise and guide you to the most attractive areas that will be most suited to your requirements and help you find the perfect plots of land for sale. Our expert team will ensure that the plot of land has all the necessary permissions, carrying out feasibility analysis and a comprehensive land due diligence checklist.

If you have already purchased a plot this is not a problem. Our expert team will ensure that you have purchased a building plot with building permission, if not, we’ll help you navigate the legal and administrative issues in obtaining the correct permits and carry out the land due diligence checklist.

Yes, when you build your tailor-made villa with m2Casas, you will work with our highly experienced in-house architects to create you dream home. Our architects specialise in unique, modern Danish architectural design, but adapt to any style and design the client may dream about. Following a formula of simplicity, form and function, every detail of your turnkey villa will be designed and presented as an Execution Project. This means that all features, functionality, materials, positions and orientation etc. will be presented in a 3D house design to be approved by you. Construction will only begin once the project has been signed off.

Using state of the art AI software to present home design in 3D, clients can view the architectural designs, allowing for real time changes and adjustments. This could be as small as moving the position of a power point, plumbing pipes or the placement of a window or doors. The project will only be signed off when the client is completely happy that every element has been defined clearly and correctly. This method ensures there are no delays during the build, thereby allowing us to achieve a faster completion time.

Yes, m2Casas is an architectural development and construction company founded by Danish businessmen who as well are managing the company on a daily basis. Specialising in sustainable luxury tailor-made villas on the Costa del Sol, the company was created specifically to offer international clients access to a service based on Danish efficiency and design, whilst championing the very latest sustainable building methods and materials.

Yes, m2Casas are experienced custom home builders. We specialise in responsible and sustainable new constructions and have extensive experience in creating modern house designs. We aim to improve and optimise building standards in terms of quality, comfort, time and energy efficiency by using new technologies. We believe that a premium service requires a high degree of communication, planning and attention to detail at every stage. Your money is guaranteed throughout the entire construction period right through to completion.

Yes, m2Casas’ experienced building constructors follow a very specific construction process. Our team will guide, advise and manage the process from the initial land plot survey, installation of utilities and implementation of foundations, through to building the structure, implementing the aerated and hollow concrete walls and deck, the façade, installation, ceiling and floors, through to the interior and exterior fittings and finishes. A final quality control and clean will be carried out before the client receives the keys.

Yes, each of m2Casas’ custom homes is designed according to the client’s individual tastes and requirements. Our in-house architects take into account the location, topography and orientation of the plot, the southern Spanish climate and specific needs. It is possible to personalise every aspect to ensure the perfect tailor-made property of your dreams. Basic quality specification allows clients to choose elements from the colour and type of flooring and walls, through to cabinetry, fixtures and fittings. However, it is also possible to upgrade to our Select quality specification package to add further personalisation and extra features, including smart home automation and the option to choose from a wider range of materials, finishes and appliances.

Yes, it is possible to create the kitchen of your dreams when you purchase one of m2Casas turnkey villas. m2Casas basic packages offer a fully fitted kitchen with Siemens appliances, including a fridge freezer, oven, induction, microwave and a dishwasher. It is possible to tailor make your kitchen according to your preferences by upgrading to the m2Casas Select package. This option expands the choice of brand of appliances. There is also the option to include a wine cooler, water filter-tap and designer taps.

When you purchase an m2Casas tailor-made villa, you are guaranteed a faster, more effective and longer lasting construction. Each villa is delivered with a 10 years structure guarantee covering structural work and a 3-year guarantee for hidden defects (such as material damage or installations that may affect habitability). Also, because we are so sure of the high-standard of our modern house designs and new constructions, we also offer a 2-year snagging list guarantee - double the industry standard.

Each of m2Casas custom homes feature a security door and video entry system as standard. It is also possible to upgrade to the Select Security Package to gain access to many additional features, which includes a security alarm and camera operated via an App. There is also the option to include security glass, blinds, a perimeter alarm, concrete fence and a security energy generator or batteries.

All of m2Casas new build homes include basic landscaping and the creation of terrace. It is possible to design and install an outdoor kitchen by upgrading to m2Casas Select. The Outdoor Kitchen package comprises everything you need for a high-end fully fitted kitchen.

Yes, all m2Casas tailor-made villas are installed with an Aerotermia smart home automation system. It is also possible to upgrade to the m2Casas Select package to choose from a wider range of smart home technology features to control indoor and outdoor lighting, blinds, alarm, irrigation system, water and electricity consumption.

All of m2Casas’ custom home designs meet the Spanish CTE Technical Building Code, which guarantees the safety, quality of build and ensures ‘A’ category energy efficiency requirements are met. If you would like to install renewable energy solutions, it is possible to upgrade from the Basic to the Select package, this would allow the inclusion of photovoltaic systems and solar thermal plates.

When you purchase a new build villa from m2Casas, you are guaranteed a fast, efficient and professional service. We operate a unique ‘Executive Project’ system, whereby we provide the architectural plans in 3D in order to define and sign off all features and elements prior to construction. You also have access to legal and urban planning advisors, administration services, project management, land experts and experienced constructors.

The following elements of the design and built process are included:

  • initial plot survey
  • connection to utilities
  • architectural designs
  • exteriors, carpentry
  • partitioning, flooring
  • wall paneling
  • sanitary equipment facilities
  • kitchens and outdoor areas
  • legalisation
  • connection of utilities

m2Casas’ new build villas are installed with an Aerotermia heat pump with indoor climate control and possibility to ad underfloor heating. Each property is constructed using energy efficient materials such as double energy glass and aluminium with a thermal bridge break.

Yes, when you build your dream home with m2Casas, the price of the construction also includes developing your outdoor space. The price includes the following elements: Landscaping up to the value of 15,000€, tiled terrace (up to 50m²), concrete stoned access (up to 50m²), basic fencing, automatic gates, etc.

Yes, each of m2Casas’ modern house designs include a swimming pool up to the value of 25,000€. The dimensions of the private swimming pool will be 4m x 8m. It is possible to upgrade to the Select Package for additional features, such as a heated or infinity swimming pool with led lights, Jacuzzi, porcelain tiled terrace, access area, fire pit, tropical landscaping, irrigation system and a pergola.

We guarantee a fast and sustainable construction process. Once the foundations have been laid, we build our turnkey villas within 8 months. The speedy construction of these new generation homes is made possible by using experienced constructors and the latest sustainable materials and building techniques, such as cellular concrete blocks or similar.

If you want to buy a luxury property, you could either choose to buy a resale property or an off-plan property such as m2Casas turnkey villas. A resale property is a pre-owned property that has already been completed, whereas off-plan property is purchased before construction commences. Off-plan projects are often considered by people looking for investment property, as they offer long-term financial advantages. The investor purchases the property at a prior fixed valuation prior to construction on the understanding that profits will be accrued as the property of the value increases upon completion.

If you are considering purchasing one of our breathtaking luxury homes, you will need to adhere to a specific buying process. An important part of the purchasing process is to make sure you register your ownership at the land Registry, they issue a Nota Simple. This is a legal report that lists information about the property, including boundaries, charges or liens against the property and ownership. The information in the Nota Simple is required when undertaking a number of financial and legal proceedings, including buying, selling or letting property and applying for a mortgage.

When you own a real estate on the Costa del Sol you will be liable for a number of annual taxes. One such tax is IBI Impuesto Sobre Bienes Inmuebles. IBI is an annual tax levied on all property owners by the local town hall. The amount payable is based on the taxable value of the property (valor cadastral). It is calculated on the build size of the property, plot size and land classification and the local services and infrastructure. This annual tax provides crucial income for local governments to be able to provide services within the municipality.

When you buy your dream home in Spain you will be liable for a number of taxes and fees. ITP (Impuesto sobre Transacciones Patrimoniales) is a transfer tax which is payable when you buy a property from a private owner. Each regional government sets the rate of the tax, at the moment ITP in Andalusia is set at 7%. The amount of IPT levied on the sale will depend upon the value of property, as listed in the Cadastral Registry and the price on the title deeds. You will pay tax on the highest figure. This tax is also levied on car sales.

Property developers must produce a construction quality report for all new constructions and it is required as part of the sales contract. The report provides details of all materials that will be used during the home construction, including the interiors (and if relevant any common areas) and the facilities provided within the property. This document should be made available to the buyer free of charge, enabling the owner the opportunity to verify that the materials and facilities correspond with the elements agreed within the report. m2Casas’ administration department will provide all of the necessary documentation and reports for each project.

When looking for the perfect turnkey villa, there are a number of key questions that must be answered before you can ascertain if it is the right one for you: Is it in the right location, proximity to amenities, infrastructure and arguably most important, the size of the property.

When calculating the size and the price of a property, there are two measurements which must be taken into account: the usable metres and the built area. The usable area refers solely to the interior square meters. Whereas the built area refers to the total surface area of the property. This includes all walls and covered terraces.

Energy savings are an important consideration in all new constructions and in order to reduce energy consumption, all properties for sale or rent in Spain must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) as stipulated by royal decree in 2013. Energy efficiency of a building is rated from A to G, with A being the most efficient. All electricity and gas consumption will be assessed (lighting, air conditioning, heating etc.) along with insultation carpentry, windows and construction materials. The document must be issued by an authorised provider and all energy ratings are assessed and recorded on the certificate by an experienced technician. Our administration department will coordinate with the necessary authorities to obtain and keep track of all required documentation.

If considering building a custom home, the first step is usually to source the right plot of land for sale. You may find the perfect land plot in a beautiful location but to make sure it is suitable you’ll need to assess the percentage the total land area that can be built on. Land regulations concerning buildability are set by each municipality and can vary from region to region. m2Casas’ project managers will be able to advise you on the suitability of any plot of land, and help you obtain all of the necessary information and carry out a land due diligence checklist.

When you buy an m2Casas turnkey villa (or any other new build or off-plan properties) in Spain, you will be covered by a 10-year structure guarantee under the Building Planning Law (LOE). There are three different types of guarantees for small damages, habitability and structural issues, each with varying degrees of cover:

  • Small imperfections / snagging list (1 year)
    Once a property is completed, there can often be some small cosmetic issues that need to be corrected, such as imperfection of the painting or similar. These types of aesthetic revisions are covered under article 17 of the Building Planning Law for 1 year. m2Casas offers a 2-year snagging list guarantee, which is double the legal requirement.
  • Habitability of the property (3 years)
    Any faults or defects that affect the habitability of the property, such as issues with utilities (water or electricity) or humidity etc.
  • Structural issues (10-years)
    More serious faults or defects pertaining to the structure of new constructions, including foundations pillars and load-bearing walls etc. are covered by a 10-year warranty for building work under the law.

If you are planning to buy a turnkey villa in Spain the first step is to understand the buying process in order to ascertain your budget. In addition to the price of the property, you will also need to take into account a number of taxes and fees. In general, you should factor in up to 12% of the purchase price with the 10% IVA (VAT) included for additional costs, which will need to be paid regardless of the value, type or location of the property and method of finance.

  • The Notary
    Fees are set by the government and are usually between 600€ and 875€.
  • Land Registry
    Fees are regulated by the government and are usually around 400€ to 700€.
  • IVA (VAT in Spanish, applied to new build property)
    Charged at 10% of the property price.
  • Documented Legal Acts tax (AJD) – Similar to stamp duty on new properties
    Charged at 1.2% in Andalucia

Please note, bank opening fees and mortgage costs will be charged at the discretion of the bank and it may also be a lending condition that you also take out life or home insurance.

m2Casas will work with you every step of the buying process, starting with explaining the various buying costs which must be factored in to your budget. Our in-house legal team can advise you on the general conditions and legal requirements but we recommend you to use a lawyer. We can recomend a trusted lawyers who is a specialist in Spanish property law and minimum speaks English.

If you are considering buying an investment property or second home, non-residents can purchase property in Spain. Whether you are an EU citizen or not, you can legally buy a resale, new build or off-plan turnkey villa in Spain, however you must obtain an NIE (Número de Identificacíon de Extranjero) which must be used for all financial or official transactions in Spain. The NIE can be requested from at the consular office in person or via an accredited representative such as a lawyer, and is usually issued within two weeks.

m2Casas can provide information, advice and guidance throughout the entire process, and if necessary, we can recommend the services of a trusted lawyer who can apply for an NIE on your behalf. As a non-EU citizen will normally need Golden Visa in order to obtain an NIE. If you invest more than 500.000€ you can apply for the Golden Visa.